United States Marine Corps veteran.

Rather than establishing myself as a photographer, I like to think of myself as a creative down to my core, regardless of the title or job. I live my life paying close attention to the small details that shine through amid the hardships we may face from time to time. 


My creative journey began in 2010 after moving to the United States from Jamaica.  That is when a camera was placed in my hands for the first time and I challenged myself to take on a new skill. After joining the United States Marine Corps as a food service specialist, I got the opportunity to represent the II Marine Corps Expeditionary Force at the Military Culinary Arts Competition. My duties were to lead a team of five young highly skilled, motivated, and creative Marines to become the first United States Marine Corps team to receive a silver medal from the American Culinary Federation. We went on to having the opportunity to work underneath a three-star general at the historic Clifton B. Cates house in Quantico Virginia. After my honorable discharge from the U.S.M.C. in 2019, I started to build my photography and filmmaking career.


My mission is to capture and immortalize these moments in the journeys of the people I form connections with and cultivate a community of creative expressionism; my ambition as a photographer is fueled by the possibility of having others see the world not only through my lenses but also through my eyes. 


One of the finer details that I have come to appreciate and learn how to influence

well is the power of natural lighting and capturing moments in their purest form. My photography style is centered around making people feel special and individualistic, all the while highlighting the true essence of a moment. I believe in the power of well-crafted images and the message they convey that can even speak louder than words at times. 


I have produced this creative energy through photography, cinematography, grip/gaffer work, creative directing, and more. In my portfolio, you will find that the diversity of my work includes, but is not limited to: portrait photography, fashion photography, photojournalism, detail photography, and nature/traveling photography. Having experience in each of these genres makes me a versatile and ideal candidate for all of your creative needs.